Who are we?

Lorentzen Consulting is a consulting company that has been helping Poles and other Citizens of the European Union in credit and debt matters for over 3 years. We are very familiar with European financial markets, so that we are able to negotiate the best conditions for you. We help in principle in two areas: obtaining credit and solutions related to exiting the debt loop.


In the field of obtaining financing, we specialize especially in mortgages. We work with many banks, so you only need one conversation with our advisor to get to know many offers. We approach each situation individually. By choosing our services, you can be sure that you will be granted a loan on the best terms and at such an amount that you have no problems with its repayment.

Getting out of debt

However, you may find that you have already taken out a loan or even a few. Moreover, you are currently having trouble paying your obligations on an ongoing day-to-day. You fall into the debt loop and eventually become insolvent. We offer several solutions that will allow you to get out on the straight:


This is the moment when you are unable to pay your debts on an ongoing basis.

So. The refinancing service is the consolidation of loans, from burrows. refinansiering

You are able to repay many different installments with a single transfer. This combines the commitments into one.

Why us?

We value your financial independence. That’s why we want to help you fulfill your dreams of your own home or regain your liquidity. Regardless of your needs – we will prepare the best offer, which we will cut to meet your needs. See for yourself that these are not just words – contact us today and find out how we can help you. Bet on credibility!