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The situation on the real estate market and the profitability of the loan

According to Norges Bank, prices are expected to rise by 2-4 percent in the coming years. This is a good signal for those who want to enter the related market. By all indications, price falls should not be expected any time soon. The barrier to taking this step is uncertainty as to [...]

The situation on the real estate market and the profitability of the loan2020-08-28T15:37:05+02:00

How much do you need to earn to get a home loan in Norway

How much do I need to earn to get a home loan in Norway? Statistics provided by the housing group OBOS (housing association) shed some light on this issue. It is clear from them that for a 3-room apartment of 70 sqm you have to pay an average of NOK 4.2 million, [...]

How much do you need to earn to get a home loan in Norway2020-08-28T15:37:33+02:00

Loans in Norway – what types are there and how to get them?

What loans can you apply for in Norway? Find out more about this topic. Loans in Norway - what types are available? Loans in Norway are of several main types: refinancing, consumer credit, car loans, credit cards and mortgage loans. In the case of credit cards, it is [...]

Loans in Norway – what types are there and how to get them?2021-09-07T20:22:01+02:00

Life in Norway for beginners – where to start?

When moving to Norway, you should bear in mind that renting a flat is slightly more expensive than a home loan. If you want to stay in the Fjords for a longer period, consider buying your own property. When deciding to buy your first home in Norway, there are a few key points [...]

Life in Norway for beginners – where to start?2021-09-07T12:27:38+02:00

Tax return in Norway – find out what you need to know

Life in Norway is not only associated with high wages. When living on fjords, one has to reckon with the fact that sooner or later the time for tax settlement will come. Settlement period with the Norwegian Tax Office (Norwegian Skatteetaten) takes place in April and, in justified cases, also in May. [...]

Tax return in Norway – find out what you need to know2020-08-28T15:40:50+02:00

Life in Norway – 5 surprising facts

Life in Norway can surprise anyone who move to this country. It has a slightly different morality and culture, which translates into a different everyday life than in Poland or any other country. Discover 5 surprising facts to be aware of before you leave. The weather in Norway [...]

Life in Norway – 5 surprising facts2020-08-28T15:42:32+02:00

Moving to Norway – what do you need to remember?

Moving to Norway is a very important decision. Especially if you are going to go over the fjords for longer. It is worth knowing how to properly prepare for the trip, so that the new reality does not surprise you. You can do a lot of things while you're still in Poland, [...]

Moving to Norway – what do you need to remember?2020-08-28T15:43:44+02:00

Record number of credit card cancellations at banks in Norway

In early 2019, Norwegian Finance Minister Siv Jensen significantly tightened the requirements for those banks that offer consumer credit. The amendments mainly concern the rules for examining applications. A new m.in. debt register (Norwegian: Gjeldregister), which provides much more information about debts than those presented so far in skattemelding. [...]

Record number of credit card cancellations at banks in Norway2020-08-28T15:44:41+02:00

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  • positive review  Vi anbefaler Lorentzen Consulting,veldig hjelpende og profesjonelt??.Vi ble jevnt gjennomført gjennom hele prosessen. Din hjelp og råd er veldig verdsatt! Tusen hjertelig takk!?? We highly recommend Lorentzen Consulting,very helping and professional??.We were smoothly carried out through the whole process. Your help and advices are very much appreciated! Thank you so much!??

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  • positive review  Witam serdecznie? chciałam polecić Pana Rafała Lorentzen z całego serca nie znam równie dobrego człowieka w Norwegi, pełen profesjonalizm na najwyższym poziomie, przemiły człowiek z ogromnym sercem i doświadczeniem polecam gorąco

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