Moving to Norway is a very important decision. Especially if you are going to go over the fjords for longer. It is worth knowing how to properly prepare for the trip, so that the new reality does not surprise you. You can do a lot of things while you’re still in Poland, so you won’t have to worry about anything after moving.

Moving to Norway and learning Norwegian

Ignorance of the language
harms, and knowledge of Norwegian
will allow you to find attractive employment. Especially given that Polonia in Norway is the most numerous national minority. So not only is the demand for workers high, but so is the demand for work. In order to stand out on the labour market, it is worth knowing the Norwegian language even to a communicative degree.


Validity of the identity document

Another very important aspect is the expiration date of your ID. Norway is a member of the European Economic Area and also belongs to the Schengen area. So you only need an ID card, and if you don’t have one, you can replace it with a passport. For both documents, make sure that the expiration date ends. Using an outdated document, you will not be able to cross the Norwegian border.


How do I find a job in Norway?

As in Poland, the best way to look for a job in Norway is to visit selected companies in person or use the recommendations of friends. However, this requires taking some risks, as well as putting off sufficient resources for at least one month of life. However, you can find employment while still in Poland. Many job ads can be found on the or

Where to find an apartment in Norway?

Like a good job, you will also need accommodation. Renting an apartment in Norway is not among the cheapest, so look for the most attractive offer. It is best to such an apartment, which you will be able to pay from your Norwegian salary. Announcements can be found on many portals, including on the aforementioned,, as well
and on Polish pages for Polonia.


Moving to Norway and formalities

When moving to Norway, you will also need to complete several formalities. The most important thing is to register your stay, as long as you plan to stay above the fjords for more than 3 months. To do this, go to the and enter your details. Print out your registration certificate and go to a nearby police station or the Foreign Workers Service Center. From now on, your stay in Norway will be legal.


Moving to Norway – consider whether it pays off

Although earnings in Norway encourage you to move, remember also about the cost of living. You may find that the decision to emigrate for profit will not be beneficial to you. Such an endeavor will only be profitable if your new job allows you not only to pay all the fees, but also to live decently abroad. So carefully consider all the fors and cons before making the final decision to leave.