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Refinancing in Norway

With real estate security or in the form of a surety.


Refinancing in Norway – how does it work?

Refinancing in Norway with collateral is a new loan agreement designed to repay all or part of your existing debt. Refinancing allows the borrower to obtain a better interest rate, extend the repayment period and reduce the monthly installment. With refinancing, you can also combine multiple loans into one.

Lower monthly installment

Thanks to refinancing, you can pay a lower installment than your obligations on very favorable terms for you.

More money in the account

By paying only one lower loan installment, you gain additional funds to dispose of on a monthly basis.

You only pay one installment

You don’t have to remember about 10 different transfers. Pay off your liabilities in one convenient transfer.

Free case analysis

We will present you your refinancing options free of charge and select the best possible offer. Write to us.

With our help, you can get refinancing in Norway with security, even if you have a demand for payment!


It is worth remembering that when the bank issues a payment note, you will not be able to take a new loan, regardless of whether it is a mortgage, car loan, consumer loan or a new credit card. This is equivalent to a loss of creditworthiness. There are many situations where you may be credit checked and your non-payment history will be an issue, such as if you intend to:

apply for a mortgage or other loan
start a subscription, e.g. for a mobile phone or electricity
make purchases on credit
take out insurance

In addition, some employers check creditworthiness when hiring new employees. In this case, a non-payment record may prevent you from being able to get a job.

If you have your own real estate that can be a security for the liability, we are able to help you even if the bank has issued a payment note to you.

Send us a simple application and together we will find the best solution for you.

As a financial agent, we receive a commission from the banks we work with on the basis of concluded agreements on loans etc. conveyed through us.