Refinancing in Norway – how does it work?

Refinancing in Norway is a new loan agreement to pay off all or part of an existing debt. Refinancing allows the borrower to get a better interest rate, extend the repayment period and reduce the monthly instalment. With refinancing, you can also combine multiple loans into one. You no longer have to remember the date and amount of all your payments to different banks. Pay once a month – with a favourable interest rate.

A refinance in Norway with real estate security (norw. refinansiering med sikkerhet) is a loan against real estate. In other words, a mortgage means that you take money from the bank plus interest (credit), and the guarantee for the bank to get the money back is the pledge of your property such as a house, apartment or land.

Refinancing in Norway
Refinancing in Norway

Do you have multiple credit cards and several consumer loans, and own property or have a guarantor?

Then the solution is to refinance with security. This includes those who have collection issues, non-payment records and outstanding debts. Refinancing often means lower monthly costs and a healthier economy. Refinancing involves combining all your loans and credit into one installment that is easier to pay and most importantly – cheaper. You will get lower interest rates with this solution, which will help you regain your liquidity.

Refinancing in Norway. What can we offer?

Lower monthly instalment

With refinancing, you can pay a lower installment on your obligations on very favorable terms.

Several offers

We find the best refinancing offer on the market and help with other formalities.

More money to your account

By paying just one lower loan installment, you gain additional funds at your disposal on a monthly basis.

Free case analysis

We will free of charge present you with your refinancing options and select the best possible offer. Contact us!.

With our help you can refinance loans secured by real estate, even if you have a collection notice!

It’s worth remembering that once the bank issues a payment notice, you will lose your ability to take out new credit whether it be a mortgage, car loan, consumer loan or a new credit card. This is tantamount to a loss of creditworthiness. If you have outstanding payments on your credit, it is often difficult to get your loan application approved. There are many situations where you may be credit checked, and a history of non-payment will be an issue, such as if you intend to

    • apply for a mortgage or other loan
    • start a subscription, such as for a cell phone or electricity
    • shop for credit
    • purchase insurance

In addition, some employers check creditworthiness when hiring new employees. In this case, a record of non-payment may prevent you from getting a job.

If you have your own property that can be used as collateral for the obligation, we are able to help you even if the bank has issued a payment default notice to you. Send us a simple application and together we will find the best solution for you. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of debt refinancing, i.e. the possibility of combining all your loans into one convenient installment. The product also allows you to consolidate debt collection and debts to other creditors. By taking advantage of refinancing, you will regain your creditworthiness and will only have to remember one installment to repay.

Refinansowanie w Norwegii

How much can I borrow for refinancing in Norway?

How much you will be able to refinance your debts depends entirely on your financial situation, and most importantly, the value of the property that will serve as collateral. For us, the most important thing remains that you can regain your creditworthiness and be able to repay your current debts. We can provide loans from NOK 250,000 up to 85% of the market value of an apartment and up to 75% of the market value of holiday homes/cottages.

Refinancing in Norway – the advantages are as follows:

What loans can I refinance in Norway?

Refinance in Norway with real estate security or as a guarantor. You can refinance mortgages, consumer loans, car loans and credit card obligations. Refinancing reduces the borrower’s financial burden.

Кредит на покупку жилья в Норвегии

How do I refinance in Norway?

First you should contact a credit counselor of your choice, who will review your case and present you with some of the best market offers. It remains very important to choose a counselor wisely, because the quality of his work largely determines whether you will get a loan for debtors at all and on what terms. Once you come to an agreement and choose the best solution for you, the formalities are finalized.


After this stage, the bank whose offer you have used pays off your debts in other institutions. Instead of several loans, you are left with one convenient installment that you will not forget about. What’s more, if your creditworthiness allows it, you can add an additional amount of credit. In many cases, taking out a new debt will not put additional strain on your household budget. Contact us now!

Refinancing in Norway – the necessary documents

When you apply for such a financial product, you will be required to submit the necessary documents. The absolute minimum in all banks are the documents listed below. However, it is worth mentioning that the range of documents required may vary depending on the bank, your credit history, as well as the advisor himself!

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