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Refinancing with real estate security

Refinancing with real estate security

Also for those who have liquidity problems

Do you have many different credit cards, consumer or other credit cards you take out and own a home? In such cases, it is worth considering refinancing, which is a good way to improve your liquidity. This also applies to persons who have been subject to enforcement or when the bank has sent them notes.

We’ll help you get out of the debt loop

If you have your property, we can help you get out of the debt loop. Refinancing involves combining all loans into a single instalment, which will be easier to repay and, above all, cheaper. This will result in lower interest rates to help you regain your liquidity.

Consequences of a payment note

Keep in mind that when your bank issues a payment note, you will lose the ability to take out a new loan regardless of whether it is a mortgage, car, consumer or new credit card. This is tantamount to a loss of creditworthiness, which may result m.in. problems in obtaining new telephone or electricity subscriptions. You will also not be able to take anything in installments, as well as make online purchases with an invoice with a later payment date.

What is a payment note?

  • A payment note is a record in the credit information register that a person or company has an outstanding claim against its creditors.

  • A debt collection agency is a company that has a public license to vindicate these unpaid claims, on behalf of the person or company that has a claim against you.

  • Credit Information Agency is a licensed company that provides information about your ability to pay and your creditworthiness. All persons with taxable income are registered with credit reference agencies (e.g. bisnode or experian).

Refinancing by way of payment note

If you own your own property, which may be a security, we are able to help you even if the bank has sent you a payment note. You will be able to take advantage of debt refinancing, i.e. combine all your loans into one easy-to-repay installment. The product also allows the consolidation of debt collection cases and debts to other creditors. By using refinancing, you will regain your creditworthiness and you will only need to remember one instalment to repay.

We’ll help you cancel your payment note

Cancellation of a payment note may only take place after all obligations have been paid. However, practice shows that this is not always the case and that your direct interference is required. We can help you and as soon as we take care of your case, we will ensure that the payment note is deleted.

Amount of refinancing

How much you will be able to refinance your debts depends solely on your financial situation and, above all, on the value of the property that will provide the collateral. For us, the most important thing remains that you can regain your creditworthiness and be able to repay your current debt. We can lend between NOK 250,000 and 85% of the market value of the apartment and up to 75% of the market value of the holiday home.