More and more people are struggling with over-indebtedness. This is evidenced, for example, by the tightening of the rules governing access to consumer credit in the country of fjords. Getting out of the debt loop is not a simple task, and one of the best solutions is a special loan for the indebted in Norway, namely a consolidation loan. When can you apply for it?

For whom is the loan to the indebted in Norway?

Financing the exit from the debt loop with another loan does not seem to sound very reasonable. In practice, however, such a product is nothing more than a refinancing of your liabilities. The bank you’re using buys your loans from other institutions. This way, instead of a few installments, you only need to remember one transfer per month.

Consolidation credit is ideal for people with low debt. This operation can cover virtually all types of liabilities – cards and loans, including mortgage, cash, renewable and car. If you would like to receive this form of support, please contact us.

Does it pay off?

A significantly reduced number of monthly transfers that you need to make is not the only advantage of this solution. When you take out a new loan for the indebted, you save on interest. With several liabilities in different banks, you pay several different interest. When you decide to consolidate into one bank,you pay interest on only one loan. For this reason, refinancing is not only a convenience in repaying instalments, but above all a measurable saving.

How do I get such a loan?

First, you should contact your chosen credit advisor to review your case and provide you with some of the best market offers. A sensible choice of adviser remains a very important issue, because it is the quality of his work that largely depends on whether you get credit for the indebted at all and under what conditions. Once you have reached an agreement and choose the best solution for you, the formalities are finalization.

After this stage, the bank you have taken advantage of repays your debt to the other institutions. Instead of a few loans, you’ll be left with one convenient installment that you won’t forget. What’s more – if your creditworthiness allows you to do so, you can choose an additional amount of credit. However, in many cases, making a new commitment will not burden your household budget.

Collaborate with professionals

Choosing a good credit advisor is half the success of getting a refinancing. Therefore, we recommend that you choose wisely, analyzing in advance the professionalism and reliability of the company whose services you want to use. We also encourage you to take advantage of our offer. Lorentzen Consulting is a brand that has already helped thousands of people get out of the debt loop. You can be another person who has regained ground under your feet. Call or email us!