Life in Norway is not only associated with high wages. When living on fjords, one has to reckon with the fact that sooner or later the time for tax settlement will come. Settlement period with the Norwegian Tax Office (Norwegian Skatteetaten) takes place in April and, in justified cases, also in May. What should you know?

Tax settlement in Norway step by step

The first thing you should do when you arrive and start working is to get a tax card. If you already live here for a year in a row, you have to try to make this document in December each year. The tax card contains basic information about the taxes that you need to pay back. If you do not take care of its production, HMRC will make it compulsory for your employer to deduct 50% from the income earned.


Preliminary tax return – skattemelding

At the end of March and April each year, HMRC shall make available a preliminary settlement (Norwegian skattemelding). You have access to it through the
platform, and if you do not use this solution, you will receive such a document at the declared address of residence. It is worth taking care to update your entry in Folkeregister,if this has changed. Otherwise, Skatteetaten will not be able to contact you.

The preliminary tax return contains information that HMRC has obtained from your employer, NAVu (if you receive social benefits), banks and other entities. As a taxable person, you are required to check the skattemelding for data accuracy. If you find that the information contained in the preliminary settlement is incorrect, you have the option to make corrections. If you do not do so, HMRC will consider your skattemelding to be the final tax return (Norwegian tax return). skattepjor).


Correction skattemelding

It may happen that your skattemelding contains incorrect information. If you see irregularities, you can report a correction of the data by 30 at the latest. April. In specific cases, this period may be postponed to the end of May. When checking the correctness of the information in the preliminary tax settlement, you should especially pay attention to the following:

  • correctness of personal data;

  • the compatibility of the amounts shown on the employer’s annual statement with the amounts for skattemelding;

  • The correctness of the bank account number;

  • Take into account all your benefits;

  • appropriate consideration of the length of your stay in Norway.


What mistakes does Skatteetaten make most often?

There are a number of mistakes that Tax Office officials statistically make most often. This is usually not the case for all employers if there are several employers in a year. It also happens that officials incorrectly calculated your length of stay. Therefore, they grant incorrect revenue costs.

It is not only officials who make mistakes, they also affect taxpayers. The tax card contains information about the expected amount of
income for
the year. If your earnings change during the year, you’ll need to make changes to this document. Otherwise, you can expect irregularities in the amount of the advance on income tax.


Tax settlement in Norway

Tax settlement in Norway is very facilitated. You do not need to fill in anything, because all the necessary information will be collected for you by HMRC. It is your responsibility to check the correctness of the data that appears in the received skattemelding. If you notice irregularities, you need to submit them to 30. April (or until the end of May in justified cases).